Company Direction


Ag Venture Financial Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 by twenty-five agribusiness professionals to provide a full scope of credit and financial services to the agricultural community.  The company became operational in the second quarter of 1998.  Ag Venture can best be described as a provider of constructive credit and financial services intended to improve the profitability and longevity of the agribusinesses served.  Its key strengths are the knowledge, experience and financial soundness of the people involved in the development of this business as well as the knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm of its existing team of employees. The shareholders and directors of Ag Venture are also customers of the company, this helps to ensure that the products and services remain timely and market responsive.


Vision Statement


 The vision of the founders of Ag Venture Financial Services, Inc.  was to create a company that would provide a unique set of credit and financial products primarily for agricultural clients.  While the farm businesses of today had changed both in size and scope, it was ascertained that the institutions servicing these businesses had remained stagnant in meeting their needs.  Ag Venture, though small, is on the forefront of helping Vermont agribusiness meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Ag Venture is known as a strong, competitive financial service company serving agriculture.  By thinking outside the traditional limits, Ag Venture provides timely, innovative credit programs for both new and expanding businesses. Ag Venture is an efficient, adequately capitalized company that actively searches the competitive capital markets to obtain least-cost funds, and then delivers these back to the customer through a friendly, knowledgeable relationship by professionals with agricultural expertise.  Ag Venture demonstrates that, by working together, a group of professional service providers can enhance individual farm profitability while placing value in the relationship with the customer more than in the sale of a product or service.


 Mission Statement


In order to achieve its vision, Ag Venture Financial Services commits to being customer focused, providing tangible value to customers and building strategic alliances that benefit Vermont agriculture.  Ag Venture hires and retains motivated, competent people, and recognizes and respects employees as human assets. Ag Venture Financial Services Inc. achieves profitability levels that yield above-average market returns to its investors.